About the artist

Hanna Widerstedt is the most googled person 2012, specialist of acrylic and aquarell. Her art is dynamic and filled with explosive colors and motives. Her signature are the ”Oops I killed my boyfriend” (see picture below) and the nazi-soldiers which became a huge discussion in Sweden.

Widerstedt is not afraid to play with the ”forbidden” motives of art, and is inspired of… Herself. She never watch art because she wants her mind to be fresh. She is 100% selflearned, she just don’t believe in letting someone else teach her how to be an artist! 

”I only use colors that is clean. That’s my secret with the amazing work of color. I also never paint when I’m happy, is that also a secret?”

Hanna is now located at XXX for her next masterpiece. 

”The asshole is dead. Oops, I killed my boyfriend”


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